Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weekend in Vegas.

Back to reality. I am back from four days away in Las Vegas. Amazing what even just a few days away from the studio can do for me. I am so ready to get into the painting groove, but first I have to process the many many photos I took. There is so much inspiration in Sin City!! Yes, seriously, I get very inspired there. There's so much going on-bright lights, noise, music, bling, architecture, excess in everything. Beauty-natural and man made.

We took a tour of the Neon Museum and the Boneyard. This is where the old neon signs from the hotels have been gathered and stored awaiting restoration. Some would see this as a junk pile full of decay but I see beauty and history. Layers of paint, rusted metal, broken bulbs-beautiful!!!

We also drove to the Valley of Fire State Park. About a 50 minute drive from Vegas in the Mojave Desert. Amazing rock formations and desert scenery. Nature at it's best.

I am obsessing about color right now and will be off to my local paint store for samples. The colors were amazing. The retro palette on the neon signs-so 60's. Pale yellow, pink, aqua and turquoise. And then there are the many shades of ochre and browns of the desert rocks, and the dusty greens of the vegetation. Please stay tuned, I'll have photos to share soon.