Monday, April 14, 2014

Floor Art

I've been thinking about carpets a lot lately. Thinking how great it would be to make custom carpets with my paintings on them. This can be done now days. Isn't technology wonderful??  Back in the day I made a few floor cloths but they had no soft coziness to them. I've chosen a few of my paintings that I thought would look great as carpets. Now on to research the process and see if it's indeed in my future.

 Untitled 7553  40x40x2  acrylic on canvas

 Ocean View  48x60x2

 Horizons  48x60x2  acrylic on canvas

 Untitled 7558  40x40x2  acrylic on canvas

 Global Traveller  16x20  acrylic on paper

 Desert Evening  30x40x2  acrylic on canvas

Coastal  12x36x2  acrylic on canvas

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Original Art Giveaway has Begun.

Mentioned in my previous blog post and on my facebook page, Rita Vindedzis Fine Art the original art giveaway has begun. I've been working on paintings in my very popular 'birds on Wires' series and I thought that one of these would be perfect for the giveaway. 

Just finished! 'Afternoon Tweet-Up' is an original painting in acrylic. I painted it on a 6"x6" Ampersand Gesso panel. It is varnished and signed on the back. (I don't like signing the small paintings on the front as I feel that it takes away from the image.) Retail value is $150.

'Afternoon Tweet-Up' can be displayed as is or it can be framed in standard 6"x6" ready made frame. To be eligible to win this original painting by me :-) you'll have to head on over to my facebook page Rita Vindedzis Fine Art and 'like' my page. All 'likes' will be eligible to win. On May 1st I'll randomly pick a winner.

Good Luck!!! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's time for an Original Art Giveaway!

If you are a fan or have liked my facebook page Rita Vindedzis Fine Art, you might have seen this post from last week

Hi all. Rita Vindedzis Fine Art page needs your help. As you may know Facebook keeps making changes that can keep you from seeing my updates. Unless you like, comment, and share my posts regularly, FB will think you don't find my page interesting and will stop showing you my updates. Here's what you can do to help.

*Like, comment and share my posts.

*If you've liked my page (BIG Thank You!!!) follow it too. Just click the follow button under the header.

*Feel free to add me to interest lists or if you really like my art create a list of your own.

I really appreciate your help and don't fret, it will be worth it. I'm planning a giveaway just for you all. Stay tuned 

I'd love to reach 200 (dare I say even more!) likes this month and it's been ages since I had an art giveaway so I thought this is a great way to combine both. I haven't chosen the art yet and I think I might just carve out some extra time and paint a new piece just for this. So click on over to Rita Vindedzis Fine Art and give me a like to be eligible for this giveaway. Please don't be shy, share and pass it on. Tell your friends and they'll tell two friends, and so on...:-)