Sunday, March 22, 2015

Please join me at my new home.

I have moved!!

I have a new website and will be blogging over there from now on.

Please join me

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Art Interiors 'Inside the Artist's Studio'

There was much excitement around here last week as I had a special visitor on Friday morning. Patricia from Art Interiors came for a studio visit. Over green tea, we chatted about life, the art world, cats, and downtown living. 

I've been represented by Art Interiors for quite a few years now and so I'm honored to be featured on the gallery blog this week.  Inside the Artist's Studio. 

You can see all the photos and read the post here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Living With Art.

Are you familiar with the Altered Page?  The Altered Page is all about mixed media. Seth Apter, the genius behind this blog, is a mixed media artist, author and designer based in NYC. I had the pleasure of collaborating on a mixed media altered book collaboration with Seth (and four other very talented mixed media artists) a few years ago.

'Living With Art' begins this Thursday on the Altered Page. Seth is showcasing how people live with art and display art in real life settings. I sent my photo to Seth a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd elaborate a little more here.

As a professional working artist that lives and works in the same space, living with art is the norm. I have my paintings hanging on every wall and switch them up often. I finish the paintings, they go up on the wall, they go out to a gallery, the new ones take their spot and the cycle begins again.

It's important to me that the arrangements are pleasing so I try to hang them in a curated manner. I like to hang them in groupings of odd numbers, and I will often perch the smallest ones on a bookshelf.